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M/s Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd. and its group as a team is one of the leading Indian owned group of professionals well experienced over a decade in the field of Dredging and Marine activities. This group has diversified into the field of Marketing, Importing Dredgers and Marine vessels suitable for various clients in India and abroad. Manning, Maintenance and operation of Dredgers, and Marine vessels are as per plans and clients satisfaction are the core work. Apart from the field this operations, the company is also actively involved in manufacturing, Dredgers and Utility vessels Marines crafts such as Dumb barges, Self Propelled barges, Tugs, boats, Geotextile Product etc, After sales services of imported vessels (Dredgers & Marine Vessel), Supply of critical spares for Dredgers and Marine Vessels, General spares (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic) are part of the field operations.


The growth of this team M/s Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd., M/s Wide Spread Shipping Service Pvt. Ltd., M/s Wide Spread Engineering Pvt. Ltd., lies on the product line and religioustic service renowned for their quality, devotion and reliability to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

This group has now retained the exclusive right to carry on the business because the companies has been incorporated under the companies act with main objective of establishing business of importing dredgers and Marine vessels for Governmental bodies, Public Sector & Private Sector, Operating the same, carrying out dredging works, supplying of manpower for operation, manufacturing, testing and trials including bollard trials and commissioning of Dredgers and marine crafts.


  1. The Group is actively involved in Dredging operation.
  2. To carryout repairs works on Dredgers & Marine crafts.
  3. To supply of spares for Dredgers & Marine vessels
  4. Manpower supply for Manning Dredgers and Marine Vessels
  5. Manufacture of Dredgers and Marine crafts
  6. Importing of dredgers and Marine vessels
  7. Geotextile Product

Special attention have been given to develop and provide a suitable range of standardized products to satisfy clients with competitive technology of high quality.

Thanks to this approach, the group has developed and is constantly improving for betterment future committed to quality supply and timely delivery.


  1. Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd., Chennai is committed to a dedicated and most reliable in delivery on time service, by understanding the customer needs in the field of Operation, Maintenance & Repairs of Marine Crafts (Dredger and Vessels)
  2. Its commitment is to continuously improve and bring innovative practices at every step to achieve customer delight and also committed to develop and create better working environment for the employees.
  3. Striving to build customer confidence through an effective Quality Management system and ensuring customer satisfaction by supplying quality product as per customer requirement, on time, every time and of competitive rates.


To be the most preferred service provider in the field of operation and Maintenance of Marine Vessels / Dredgers world wide and preferred reliable manufacturer of Marine Crafts (Dredgers & Vessel) globally. All employees to be educated empowered to build strong and progressive company in the field of operation and Maintenance of Marine Crafts, Dredgers including Manufacturing of the same.


Focus and enrich our responsibility in offering the right Dredgers / equipments for right jobs the benefit of the customers. The best after sales services to the entire satisfaction of the customer Rendering the best efforts in dredging projects to achieve the best output to the satisfaction of the employer and to hail the concern name. HARD WORK PERSEVERANCE MAKES SUCCESS IS ULTIMATE THEME OF M/S PERFECT DREDGING COMPANY PVT. LTD.,


The growth and prosperity of the group has earned a very high status with business environment and social set-up. This was achieved by the effort of theDirector Mr. A.J. Robinson Devarajfor his unprecedented, relentless and tireless service, his personality is inexpressible, a qualified Indian Naval submarine Mechanical person of experience over 3 decades.

He has in him a tremendous intellectual power of understanding, technical know-how and has the capacity to take decision immediately, this is because of his extra ordinary hand on experience in tackling various techno-commercial problems. This type of attitude is a typical style of Indian Navy disciplinarians.

Added to the growth of the company is the involvement of the Director Mr. A.J. Antony George by profession a qualified engineer and certified F.G. Marine Engineer, his experience in the Engineering field is more than 3 decades, sailed as marine Engineer, worked as ship repair manager at Singapore Shipyard. His approach to any technical problem, labour problem is really unmatched with others, this is because of his vast experience at various grades of designation during his tenure of service.

In decision making and action in work, is very quick firm and never goes back on his works. His knowledge and experience cater the growth of the company.


Having worked on many major projects over the years, M/s Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd. has its credentials well established with government undertaking in every state, Public works department, Electricity board, Flood Control Department, Water Resources Board, Shipping companies, Port departments are major regular clients.

Its strong ties with technocrats, consultant engineers in both public and private sector organization, are based on demonstrated professional competence. On special counts, such as adherence to milestone and straight forward approach is solving contractual problems. M/s Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd. its team are particularly well regarded in India, mutually satisfying, working relationship are therefore the rules, because of this status repeated orders and recommendation invariably follows.


From the details projected, it can be concluded that the past, present and future growth of the group is steadily increasing, especially on the service sector such as Dredging / Desiliting and supply of manpower for Manning the ships and other smaller vessels. As far as selling / buying market in the field of marine industries, presently India has opened a wide chapter, this is because of the consciousness of present day generation, regard environmental clearance and demand for green technology be it land, water or air. This group as worked hard to strike an ecological balance and bring about the timely revival


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