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Perfect Dredging Company Pvt.Ltd

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Services and Capabilities

Ash Dyke Dredging and De-silting, we are equipped with special Dredgers with German technology towards Ash-Dyke cleaning.

This company M/s Perfect Dredging Company Pvt. Ltd., started its offshore activities about a decade ago, first in the field of dredging and subsequently, became a pioneer in the same field, initially stepping to Coastal Dredging, around the Coastal belt south east part of India in the Bay of Bengal Seas and also around the coastal area, north west of India in the Arabian seas.

The achievement and appreciation earned was immense and off great value, which has opened the gate way for Inland Dredging such as Lakes, Rivers, Canals, Ponds and Ash Dykes.

The field dredging has made the company to overstep into Maintenance, repairs and supply of spares, for dredgers and its allied marine vessels, perfectly handled by special team of highly skilled experienced work force and highly qualified experienced qualified engineers.

            As pioneer in dredging, the company has developed close relationship with organization such as Govt. sector / Public sector / Private sector, which in turn has helped to diversify into Manufacturing of Dredgers and Marine vessels for the customers. The company was able to satisfy the customers in Designing, Manufacturing, Supply and Commission of Amphibian Dredgers, Barges, Boats, etc. through highly competitive bidding, from Government sector, Delhi and Government sector Guwahati, Assam.

In this new field “Marine and Logistics Services”. Area of expertise are planning, operation and arrangement, Market analysis, Vessel Survey and inspection, Ship management, Dredging and reclamation and Diving inspection are exclusively handled by separate group.

These are some of the areas where the company have built a strong foundation with stories of diversification built up one above other. All this are achieved by close knitted team of Directors, Engineers, and Skilled work force working together as a group company.

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